Rates & Services

*Please note: Initial appointments do not include a touchup. Touch up prices are for existing clients only*

Nano Brows $375

Nano brow is technique that can create those single hair strokes making your brows look fluffy as clouds. A permanent makeup machine is used to create these brows and it’s suitable for ALL skin types.

Microblading $325

Microblading is a manual technique that can create single hair strokes making your brows look full. A permanent makeup tool is used to create these brows and it’s suitable for DRY and COMBINATION skin

Power brows $325

Do you love the look of “filled-in brows”? This technique uses a permanent makeup machine to create saturation of tiny pixels; the outcome is soft powdery brows like makeup. This technique is great for all skin types as well as cover ups.

Combination Brows $375

Combination is one of my favourite techniques, it’s a combo of nano hair strokes in the front and power in the middle-ends of the brows. Its the best of both worlds. This technique is ideal for ALL skin types and cover ups.

Additional Costs (if you have previously tattoo)

Color correct + $50/per session : This involves correcting the color of your brows ex. if you have brows that turned blue or red (may take more than 1 session to correct)

Saline removal + $50 /per session : This procedure is using a saline removal to lift the old tattoo pigments from skin (may take more than 1 session to lift the pigments)

Camouflage +$50 /per session : Camouflage is a technique that covers discolouration on tattoo area using skin color. It is ideal for those who has really faded tattoo work (may take more than 1 session to camouflage)

Prior booking please send a picture of tattooed brows prior to booking via text or email. Please note results are not guaranteed and heal results may vary.

Lip blush $325

Lip blush is a technique made by a permanent makeup machine to enhance those lips and give a soft touch of color. You’ll look like your wearing lip tint all day, say goodbye to wearing anything on your lips except lip balm.

Dark Lip Neutralization $325

Dark lip neutralization is a lip procedure that neutralizes dark pigmented lips using a contrast color.

Eyeliner $275

Want to give your eyes a pop? Why not look like your wearing eyeliner all the time. To create this look a permanent makeup machine is used and gently place pigment on the lash line and the end corner of the eyes.

Shaded Eyeliner $300

This is the next level of eyeliner. It is a combination of eyeliner and shading, This technique gives the appearance smokey eyes and you’ll never have to wear eye makeup again.

Lash Enhancement $225

Lash line tattoo is the perfect enhancement to give eyes that natural look without over doing it. Like Eyeliner, its initially just the lash line without the wing

Keratin Lash Lift + tint $75

Alternative to false lashes or lash extensions, keratin lash lift lifts those natural lashes of yours giving them a lasting curl effect without the hassle and irritation. (They last 4-8 weeks!)

Brow lamination + tint $75

What those model eyebrows? This is the service for you, especially if you already have brow hairs and not need cosmetic tattoo. Brow lamination perms and lifts those stubborn brow hairs into place. Have light brow hairs, add tint to define them even more!

Touch Ups


Cosmetic Tattoo

First touch up: $75

(booked within 3 months after procedure)

6 months after initial procedure: $100

1 Year after initial procedure : $150

2 years after initial procedure: Full Price


If your brows have previously been tattoo and your interested in doing a coverup, please email us a photo PRIOR to booking an appointment. We cannot guarantee previously tattooed brows are workable and must be proven before booking.

If brows were previously tattoo elsewhere, regular rates will be applied

Brow lamination & Lash Lift Touch ups: 

Lash lift  $60 + tint $10

Brow Lamination $85 + tint $5

Keratin & Peptide brow gel $40


A $50 deposit must be made to secure an appointment.  Deposits are non-refundable and transferable towards scheduled booking. The deposit is deducted in the final cost of the procedure.

Deposit can be paid by E-transfer.


72 hours of notice must be made to reschedule appointment or deposit will be forfeited


Cash and E-transfer are accepted