Powder Ombre Brow Training

The Private 1:1 Power Ombre Brow Training is a comprehensive 3 day program designed for beginners who are seeking the necessary skills into becoming a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist. This introductory course is suitable for those who are new to cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup or experienced artist who wants to refresh their skills. Our private 1:1 training will provide each individual attentive knowledge allowing the student to be confident and prepared to begin their cosmetic tattoo journey.

All students will receive life time support and 15% off products & supplies

Course Schedule

Day 1:
Theory and Hands on Practice
Day 2:
Live Demo performed by Instructor
Day 3 :
Student Live Model
Skin anatomy
Colour theory
Anesthetics & aftercare
Machine & needles
Proper machine holding
Brow design / outline
Hands on practice
Safety protocols
Pre & Post care
Products & vendors list
Photo apps
Social Media and marketing

A live demo will be performed by the instructor while the student observesA supervised live model demonstration performed by the student

Certification – Students will be awarded with a certificate upon satisfactory completion of the course. 

Celebratory Luncheon and photos

Student Kit

  • Course Manual
  • Wireless cosmetic tattoo machine
  • Box of Universal Needle Cartridges
  • 7 Permablend Pigments
  • Primary & Secondary Anesthetics
  • All applicators (pigment cups, rings, mascara wands, micro-applicatiors, q-tips etc)
  • Brow shaping tools (Sticker ruler, mapping string, brow scissors, shaver, china marker, concealer)
  • Alcohol wipes, machine wraps, dental bibs
  • Practice skin and Mannequin head